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About Us

Nancy Moreno and Yanira Morales, two proud Latina entrepreneurs, having the natural responsibilities of being wives and mothers, made a commitment to themselves by accepting the challenge of starting and successfully growing Yanan-Eco-Friendly.  

Integrating their rich Hispanic heritage of core family values and exemplary work ethics into their business, have successfully created their very own Earth-Conscious commercial cleaning business.


Nancy and Yanira fully understand the concept of “excellence in customer service". Sharing this passion has driven them to achieve great success by securing a loyal clientele who appreciate the true value of Yanan-Eco-Friendly's service to the local business community.


Yanira joined the cleaning industry in December of 2005. She built her career working as a franchisee for a major commercial cleaning company as a corporate account specialist. In 2015, her team was nominated for an international franchisee of the year and was awarded a unit franchise honorable mention.
Nancy joined the industry in 2008, initially as part of Yanira’s team, before branching out to start her own operation in 2012. Nancy and her own team quickly developed into large account specialists servicing office spaces in the corporate and medical establishments.

Yanan-Eco-Friendly is a family-owned Green-Cleaning-Certified commercial cleaning company, with 20 years of combined janitorial experience servicing Southern California.

Why Yanan-Eco-Friendly?

Yanan-Eco-Friendly takes great pride in exceeding our client’s expectations.

We are committed to quality work; our cleaning crew strives to provide exceptional service, employing best practices for safe and timely daily visits.

We follow the highest industry standards and continuously look to improve our operation.

Green-Cleaning-Certification means knowledge in all current aspects of natural safe eco-friendly green cleaning procedures.

Our specialized team is ready to provide prompt and efficient service while maintaining the outstanding personal attention that you deserve.

Team leaders are daily in the field for quality assurance.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.


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